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Photography Team


Jennifer Blount

Owner - Jennifer L. Blount Photography

Obviously a morning person and clearly very photogenic.   Jennifer is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with years 20+ of experience in professional portraiture, environmental portraiture, sports photography, and architectural photography.  Previously the studio manager & senior photographer of Atlanta Headshots / Foster & Associates, Jennifer moved from Atlanta "out west" during the pandemic and now lives and works in New Mexico and coordinates the Atlanta Team remotely.

Javier Diazgranados

Atlanta Photographer

A professional photographer for more than 30 years, specialized in portraiture, special event, and architectural photography.  Under his lens, Javier has had celebrities like Shakira, Elton John, Wynonna Judd, former president Jimmy Carter, Gladys Knight, and many other Latin American stars.  With a bachelors degree in Architecture, and an Associates degree in Photography he has been able to combine these two disciplines to influence his creative vision


Julie Yarbrough

Atlanta Photographer

With more than two decades of experience and degrees in photography from The Art Institute of Atlanta and psychology from Spelman College, Julie is a seasoned artist who skillfully captures the multifaceted essence of individuals through her photographs. Beyond her captivating imagery, Julie shares her knowledge and passion as an instructor at the Atlanta School of Photography.

Lori Maishman

Photography & Posing Assistant

After a number of years in the corporate world, Lori made a switch to the artistic one. As a photography and posing assistant Lori is here to help you look your best and is focused on every detail of your appearance.  She is happy to  help you tame fly away hairs, apply powder, use oil absorbing rice papers, adjust tie knots, and smooth clothing wrinkles throughout your entire photo session  She and your photographer will offer posing guidance as well as coaching you through a variety of different facial expressions so that you can find your very best look.

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